Yard Sprinkler Systems and Hose Reels – Which is Best For Your Yard?

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Yard Sprinkler Systems and Hose Reels – Which is Best For Your Yard?

Having a reputable spray equipment dealer that can provide you with the equipment that is best suited to your particular business type and budget is critical. There are so many brands and models to choose from, making the process of selecting the right one quite difficult. With over 60 years of industry experience as a nationwide distributor servicing the kitchen cabinet, woodworking shop equipment and automotive, boat and truck and general industrial equipment markets; we have the practical knowledge to assist make the best possible recommendation for your spray equipment requirements. Our team of sales and marketing experts can assist you in finding the right equipment that meets your specific needs, including but not limited to, spray gun rentals, air compressor rentals, and parts availability. If you require additional information or simply have a general question, please don’t hesitate to contact us at anytime.

From the simplest hand held hand applicators to the most sophisticated diesel-powered pump spray equipment, there is a wide variety of available products. One of the most popular types of applicators are those that attach directly to a working surface without the need for any special preparation. These types of sprayers include everything from basic nozzles to high pressure pumping nozzles that can be rented or purchased. Some of the more sophisticated nozzles can even be mounted on trailers.

Pumps, reels and hoses are among the more intricate spray equipment components. There is an array of choices available, including single, double and even triple nozzles and pumping systems. Pumps are available in both internal and external designs and can handle a wide range of applications such as dusting, cleaning, feeding and cultivating, leaf raking, tree trimming, mulching and edging, and yard irrigation. In addition to the pump itself, most pump systems include an adjustable air line, spray head and hose, and air tank.

In addition to the pump and its parts, there are various spray equipment parts that can be replaced. Spray heads, for example, can be changed out by purchasing a new spray head or replacing an older one. Replacement parts for reels are readily available as well, including brushes, wheels and gears, among other things. Some of the most sensitive spray equipment parts, however, can only be replaced by trained technicians. These include check valves, pressure switches, pressure relief valves, and hose bibs.

With a vast selection of commercial and residential pest control products available, there is a spray equipment product for virtually every application and every budget. These include automatic sprayers, manual sprayers, garden spreaders, water heaters, rotary spreaders, rotary tools, blowers, and even electric lawn care machines. There are different types of blowers available for application to larger or smaller areas. These may include chain-driven, counter-rotating, and centrifugal blowers.

Blower nozzle styles are also varied, including gravity-fed, variable-speed, and fixed-speed, among others. Variable-speed spray guns spray at varying speeds based on the amount of pressure that the pump can supply. Likewise, gravity-fed and fixed-speed spray guns operate in a similar fashion. All of these spray equipment models are used to effectively kill ants, grubs, termites, and other pests that invade homes and businesses.

One of the best ways for homeowners to keep their properties free of unsightly pests is using kadrich vacuum cleaners and other spray equipment. “Kadrich is an innovator,” says Jayadry L. Kadhai, owner of Blue Grass Landscape in suburban Norridge, Maine. “They have many lines of products, which are all very effective and affordable.”

Although many people use power-spraying equipment to clear their yards of unwanted vegetation, there are some who prefer the more subtle approach of using low-powered, reusable nozzles for both lawn spraying and reclamation of gardens. For example, Lowrance’s line of pushrod hose machines includes both a high and low-pressure sprayer. “I personally prefer the latter,” says Ed Curran, assistant manager of sales and service for Lowrance. “I always get the job done quicker and easier than if I tried to use a high-powered reel.”