Why is an Electrostatic Spray Gun More Efficient?

What is the reason behind why is a static electrostatic spray gun more efficient than other similar devices? The answer to this question will vary depending on the situation. But one thing is for sure, when you are dealing with electricity, you never know what can happen. So it is always best to be prepared for any eventuality.

Electrostatic spray guns are very much applicable in many industrial, construction and laboratory settings where high static discharge is required. They are not only efficient but also safe and easy to handle. And they do have one more advantage. When static discharges occur, the spray gun automatically stops its current and this reduces the potential damage to whatever it is spraying. This makes them very suitable to be used at places where there is a voltage fluctuation. In short, these tools are very appropriate for static discharge sensitive applications.

Why is a static discharge gun more efficient compared to a portable electrostatic discharge one? For one, the size of the gun is smaller. The gun can be carried around without any significant change in its condition. Moreover, it has a lightweight which makes it easier to transport. This means that the user can operate the gun from a longer distance and for a longer period of time. In some instances, the gun can even be operated as a portable source of power.

In the next section, we shall see how these guns operate. A discharge gun consists of two electrodes which are attached at the end of a long cable. This cable is fixed at a high-voltage power source. The high-voltage power generates a high static electricity field which acts as a charged conductor.

Now let us look into how this works in a more detailed manner. When the gun discharges, a very high current flows through the cables. This is a very high voltage current. However, the charge is very low since it is generated by a low current. In simple terms, a static discharge gun discharges energy at a high voltage but the energy is of low voltage.

This type of gun works by selecting a conductive piece of material and heating it up. This hot piece of material is a metal. The high power generates a very high heat. The metal heats up and expands. The expansion of the metal generates high pressure which is then forced out by a high-end vacuum.

How does this technology work in practical terms? A large electrostatic spray gun is used to carry out surface spraying. This is a relatively simple process and the technology has been around for decades. The spray gun is connected to a nozzle which is attached to a machine. There is also a transfer nozzle that sends the electrostatic charge to the application surface.

The gun is usually set at a high rate of charge so that the material can expand significantly. As a result, there is a massive amount of energy released and the power consumed is greatly reduced. This results in much greater efficiency than what we get from power lines or even generators.

There are numerous advantages associated with the use of an electrostatic spray gun. The energy generated is extremely high and so the cost of generation is very low. The high rate of charge allows a much wider range of application and the energy released is highly variable, meaning that the amount of energy needed is flexible.

These types of systems can be run continuously without any fluctuations. In fact they can go up to five days between discharges. They are extremely reliable as they function under virtually all conditions. They do not suffer from overheat or voltage fluctuations. They also have a long life expectancy and so require very little maintenance.

The guns generally come with a variety of attachments. They can be easily wired together. You can also employ them as far as surface spraying is concerned. Some people like to employ the guns as far as spray painting is concerned. This type of application requires a different attachment.

When you are purchasing one of these guns, you need to ensure that it has an automatic feeder attachment. This is especially important if you use the gun on a continuous basis. When you are looking for a power spray gun, make sure that you look at the various options. With the various options available in the market today, why is an electrostatic spray gun more efficient?