Why Electrostatic Equipment is Still Not As Popular As it Used To Be

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Why Electrostatic Equipment is Still Not As Popular As it Used To Be

The most important benefit to using electrostatic equipment in industrial settings is the reduced coating wastage. In optimal conditions electrostatic devices can have up to 90% transmission efficiency, which means that there is no more need to re-coat the surfaces.

This translates into significant cost reductions because there are less hours spent repainting work surfaces or installing new coatings for the same level of transfer efficiency as with conventional equipment. As a result, the costs of electricity consumed by a company are also considerably reduced.

Another important advantage is that electrostatic transmission equipment works efficiently in all environments and situations. This translates into a consistent performance across the production line, which translates into an improved cost-effective production process.

The use of electrostatic systems also means that the workers working on the same equipment are no longer exposed to harmful levels of electro-static discharge. This means that they are not required to wear protective clothing, as well as special protective goggles in order to protect their eyes and skin from damage. This results in a much improved production rate.

Finally, electrostatic systems offer a secure environment in which to work and provide workers with the safety that they need. This translates into a happier, healthier workforce which translates into a more productive operation.

All this leads us to the final reason why companies should use electrostatic systems in their production facilities. The use of electrostatic systems helps to ensure that the safety of the staff operating the equipment is at its highest possible level.

This means that workers are working in safe conditions with the maximum potential of achieving optimal performance. Workers are able to work comfortably in areas where they are not restricted to specific work places or equipment. This translates into a happier workforce, which translates into higher production rates.

So, what’s stopping you? Why aren’t you using electrostatic systems in your production environments today?

First and foremost, you don’t have to be a specialist to understand the benefits that electrostatic systems offer. Many people, including experienced industrial and manufacturing engineers, can use them without any specialised training.

One of the main factors that keeps many people from using electrostatic equipment is that they’re expensive. Fortunately, there are now several cost effective alternatives.

There are many low-cost electrostatic systems that are available which are just as efficient as the costly ones. However, there are also many that are more effective than even these systems at their low prices. If you take a look around, you’ll discover that the cheapest of them all can provide the very best benefits.

It may come as a surprise to you but one of these systems is the magnetic coating system. This electrostatic system works in the same way that the older coating systems did, but it’s far less costly.

These systems work by applying a magnetic charge to the surfaces of the objects being coated in order to reduce the static. This reduces the level of electrostatic charge on the surface, which prevents the damage to the metal parts of the electrostatic equipment.

This system has been shown to reduce the impact of electrostatic energy onto metal surfaces, thus increasing the life of the coated metal surfaces. In addition, the electrostatic energy that is removed also increases the life of the coatings.

Electrostatic equipment is no longer solely confined to power supplies. They are also used for various other applications, including cooling and de-energisation, cooling and heating, and as computer cooling fans and filters.

Electrostatic equipment are also commonly used in the aerospace industry for de-energisation. This means that the amount of energy that is dissipated through the air between two items is reduced, thereby reducing the amount of energy needed to make the items operate.

Electrostatic equipment also works well in many electrical applications. With the high level of accuracy and reliability that they provide, they help to ensure that electrical appliances run smoothly and that equipment remains safe to use in the workplace.