What You Need To Know About Spray-On Disinfecting Methods

With many decontaminating alternatives readily available, it can be hard to determine which one is the right fit for your company or facility. To help you comprehend your options, we’ve provided overviews of the 4 most typical disinfectant spray applicators.

Hand pump sprayers

The timeless spray container or hand pump sprayer was the go-to cleansing option applicator for janitorial staffs long prior to COVID-19 hit. They are typically seen as the cost-effective choice and also don’t require special training to use. While spray containers are simple to use and cost-effective, they are not the most effective disinfectant applicator for all rooms. Making use of a hands-on spray bottle can be a tiring and also slow process when you’re dealing with huge locations or surfaces. In addition, getting back at surface area protection is not guaranteed.

Non-electrostatic sprayers or misters

Within the last couple of years, high-pressured, non-electrostatic sprayers have been presented as an additional alternative for applying anti-bacterials. Some of these sprayers consist of repurposed airless paint sprayers, which can distribute anti-bacterials rapidly due to their high flow prices. Because many of these sprayers were not originally made to house severe chemical anti-bacterials, essential components might rust as well as fail quicker than other spray approaches. Additionally, these sprayers might provide also little or as well much stress, which can impact insurance coverage and driver security.

Misting sprayers

Fogging sprayers (additionally understood as foggers) distribute chemicals as a penalty, fog-like mist or aerosol. Foggers have actually frequently been used for bug control or for deodorizing areas. Considering that the COVID-19 pandemic, their use has actually broadened to decontaminating. There are usually two classifications of foggers: thermal as well as ultra-low volume (ULV). Thermal foggers use warm to vaporize the chemical while ULV foggers make use of an electric blower to spray the chemical at a small micron degree.

Misting sprayers can cover large locations instead swiftly. The overall procedure of utilizing a fogger to disinfect can be more time consuming than other spray approaches. This is since time is needed to properly secure a space and also air ducts prior to spraying. It can additionally take a substantial quantity of time for the sprayed chemical to spread throughout the room, cover surfaces and work out prior to the area is functional once again.

Electrostatic sprayers

Electrostatic spray technology was very first popularized in the 1940s as an automotive paint sprayer. Around the 1980s, it made its look in the farming industry as a chemical and also fertilizer applicator. A lot more recently, use electrostatic sprayers has actually expanded into locations of sterilizing and decontaminating.

Most electrostatic sprayers work by providing anti-bacterials a positive cost to make sure that they look for and also stick to the negatively or neutrally billed surfaces they’re splashed upon. The favorably charged bits also ward off each other like magnets– developing an even layer throughout the sprayed surface, wrapping around contours as well as reaching right into corners.

Exactly how do electrostatic sprayers compare?

A typical hand pump sprayer takes concerning three times more chemical and also 3 times longer to coat a surface area compared to a Victory Innovations electrostatic sprayer. * That’s due to the fact that of 2 things: electrostatic sprayers automate the expulsion of fluids as well as the like-charged chemical bits are driven apart for more even, prevalent insurance coverage. Watch the video below to see just exactly how much time Victory electrostatic sprayers can save compared to typical spray bottles.

Victory Innovations electrostatic sprayers are also made to manage corrosive chemicals, meaning they can remain in usage much longer than repurposed high-pressured sprayers. As well as compared to foggers, electrostatic sprayers do not require room sealing prior to splashing. The sprayed particles also equally twist around and also coat surface areas. Once the surface is dry, the room is functional once more. You can find out more concerning the distinctions in between electrostatic sprayers and foggers by looking into our Foggers vs. Electrostatic Sprayers infographic.

If you’re interested in finding out more concerning electrostatic spray modern technology, you can check out our What is electrostatic spray innovation? post or timetable a totally free virtual trial.

* Based on interior testing comparing Victory Sprayer to hand-operated hand pump sprayer.

To read more concerning Victory Innovations electrostatic sprayers, request a live demonstration.

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