What Are An Electrostatic Fogging Generator And How Does It Work?

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What Are An Electrostatic Fogging Generator And How Does It Work?

A sanitary concern for many industries is the threat posed by electrostatic discharges (ESDs) in the workplace. Discharges from electronic equipment can be hazardous to employees and can also cause health problems for those who are exposed to these emissions. In fact, ESDs have been linked to electrical shocks, muscle spasms, headaches, and more. The frequency and severity of these reactions vary according to the equipment being used, but all electrical equipment, no matter how simple or expensive it is, can create these types of reactions under certain conditions.

The most common occurrence of ESD is in industrial and office buildings where there is a lack of proper ventilation. Industrial buildings that are vented tend to be the most susceptible to electrostatic fogging because the vents allow charged particles to escape into the air, which attracts airborne dirt and debris. It is important, then, to ventilate these buildings. However, this often presents a problem in that the vents need to be located in a location away from the bulk of the building, and this means that the building itself becomes full of vents, creating the potential for even greater ESDs. This is why many offices and businesses have opted to purchase an electrostatic forget to take care of this issue.

Electrostatic longer works by using high frequency sound waves to produce high pressure streams of water, chemicals, and other materials that will displace contaminants and ESDs. These high frequency sound waves hit the contaminants directly and stop them from moving or colliding with the air in which they are traveling. After the initial contact, these contaminants are then attracted to the high voltage of the sound wave, becoming energized. This energy then combines with the air in the area and creates a dampening field that essentially shuts down biological processes such as the reproduction of airborne pathogens and ESDs. When this process is halted, cleaning can take place.

The first step to using an electrostatic fogger or electrostatic sprayer is to plug the unit into an outlet and turn it on. The next step is to place the electrostatic fogger or the electrostatic sprayer in an area where the air is damp. A moist environment is necessary since moisture increases the volatility of electrostatic particles. Finally, open up the top of the electrostatic fogger or electrostatic sprayer and spray the contents of the unit onto the surrounding area in question. Make sure that you follow all safety protocols and use the appropriate chemicals for the area that you are working in. For example, you wouldn’t want to use chlorine because chlorine is flammable, especially when exposed to moisture for an extended period of time.

The G Tech electrostatic fogger is available at most home improvement centers or hardware stores. Just like any other electrostatic disinfectant, the G Tech disinfectant is safe to use around small children. However, it isn’t recommended for use around pets or animals. For use around these animals, disinfectants like the Magic Green Plus are recommended. This makes the product convenient and accessible to any type of pet or animal.

When using the G Tech cleaner around electronics, remember that the fogger will probably need to be left in operation for between fifteen and twenty-five minutes. During this time, it will collect dirt and debris droplets from all over electronic equipment and clothing being used in or around electronics. If you leave the unit unattended, dust particles and airborne bacteria may collect in the air gaps between the nozzle and the surface that is being cleaned. These dust particles and bacteria may end up inside of electronic components, which can cause serious damage to these delicate pieces. To minimize the risk of causing damage to your electronics or clothing, don’t leave the fogger running for more than a few minutes at a time.

Electrostatic foggers that feature a self-contained water reservoir are popular for their flexibility. Because all of the water is contained within the reservoir itself, there is no need to worry about cleaning the reservoir. The reservoir is simply emptied when the cleaning process is complete to prevent excess mess or water spillage. Some of the newer models of these products also feature a leak-proof seal, which allows the user to drain the water reservoir without the risk of large droplets leaking out onto the surfaces that they are drying. These units do require more frequent refills.

Many consumers find that the best way to keep their electronics and clothing looking new and clean is to use an electrostatic sprayer on a regular basis. These products work well for cleaning upholstery, upholstered furniture, carpeting, and many other surface types. The fogger works just as effectively on painted and unpainted surfaces and can also be used on painted fluorescent lights. These sprayers make it very easy to keep your workplace or home looking great no matter what type of surface it is.