Uses for an Electrostatic Bogger

An electrostatic fogger is a large-sized machine that creates a fog that prevents moisture from entering a home or business. Often used in the maintenance of plants, electrostatic fogger are also used to kill certain pests and also contribute to better crop quality and health. Electrostatic is a naturally occurring electrical charge that occurs when two bodies come in contact with each other. This is often a good way of keeping power lines and cabling clear of debris and other things that might damage them.

There are several different styles of electrostatic longer available for purchase. They are all used to clean damp and moist areas and prevent water and the growth of mold and mildew. The different types of electrostatic foggers are either hand held or mounted onto a tractor trailer or other vehicle. They are very effective for cleaning large areas, especially in businesses.

Some of these machines come with a small compressor that you can plug into an outlet to operate it. The most commonly used style of electrostatic former is called a portable electrostatic sprayer. These are perfect for use in larger buildings and businesses because of their durability and portability. These can be plugged into any wall outlet and will spray all over the area to be cleaned for hours at a time.

One other type of electrostatic folder that is used regularly is called a G Tech clean disinfectant fogger. It is made by the German company G tech for their water treatment services. The G Tech clean disinfectant longer works by using a combination of carbon and residual detergents. The product contains bromine and other chemicals that react with water to form an invisible electrostatic charge that kills harmful microorganisms. This folder is also very effective at preventing waterborne diseases.

There are many good reasons to purchase a this type of electrostatic fogger. The first reason is to use them to sanitize. Electrostatic fogging machines will sanitize the area that they are placed in by releasing a fine spray of disinfectant on the water. You should always use a sanitizing sanitizer that contains chlorine dioxide, such as what is found in some of the cheaper sanitizing sprays that are available.

Another reason to purchase this type of sprayer is to clean hard floors. You should be sure to clean wet, dirty, or greasy floors thoroughly with a good degreaser and then use a fogger to kill and eliminate bacteria and germs. Electrostatic droplets will penetrate the surface of the floor, where they are released so that all parts of the floor have equal exposure to the disinfectant gas. This is one of the easiest ways to keep a house clean from floors that may be harboring bacteria and germs. You will also be eliminating odors that emanate from areas where there has been water damage.

The last reason to purchase a this type of folder is to use around electronics. These can prevent static electricity from damaging electronic circuitry. The last thing you want when you are working on something important is to have your hand damaged from static electricity or to find that your laptop or other electronics have incurred damage due to static.

Electrostatic droppers are available in a wide variety of sizes. You will need to know the specifications of the surfaces you are cleaning and how many droplets you will require before purchasing the unit. You can purchase a small unit to clean a surface that is around six square feet or you can buy a larger unit that will cover wider areas. Some of the larger units can even house up to twenty four thousand droplets. The size that you choose should depend on the size of the area that you are attempting to clean.