Understanding Electrostatic Spray System

Electrostatic spray guns are the most common form of electrostatic protection for industrial and electrical equipment. These systems are used to protect expensive electronic equipment, such as computers, from damage that can be caused by static electricity. The type of protection provided is dependent on the equipment’s application. Here we will discuss some of the common applications and the types of electrostatic spray guns available.

electrostatic spray system

Some electrostatic spray guns contain an electric charge that is charged on their surfaces. When a charge builds up on the surface, the electric charge causes the paint to adhere to the surface at a much higher conductivity than normal. The surface charges prevent any adverse electrical activity from taking place. This form of protection is most commonly seen in various kinds of painting jobs such as electrostatic paint guns used in industrial applications, and in the safety applications found in auto body shops and repair shops.

There are two basic styles of electrostatic spraying guns. One style uses air assist airless paint and the other uses an air tank that contains a charge. The style that uses air assist airless paints has been found to be more effective when spraying paint over a protected surface, but can be used in either case with good results. The tank may contain a sufficient amount of paint to ensure the desired effect, depending on the gun’s design.

There are two types of electrostatic spray guns – one that uses a constant air pressure and another that uses a variable air assist pressure. Either one of these systems is extremely effective and suitable for the protection of electrical and electronic equipments that require protection from static generation. The pressure pot on the electrostatic painting guns functions to maintain an even mixture of paint and air. This prevents hot paint from evaporating from the surfaces and transferring to the room and preventing damage.

There are also portable air assist electric charge spray guns available in the market. These portable spray guns have electric charge holders which are connected to an air compressor. Once charged, the charge holder will provide an even flow of air. The compressor will then convert the charge into an electric charge. These electric charge guns are very useful for use in areas where it is necessary to have an even flow of air without the risk of using too much electric charge.

Spray guns that are used for electrostatic protection are usually made with a spray nozzles and gun nozzles. The nozzle ensures that the paint comes out at the precise angle and direction needed and at the right concentration. It can either be continuous and slow spray or an intermittent spray system. Continuous and slow spray systems allow the user to apply the paint in a controlled and steady manner so that it reaches all surface areas in the most precise way.

Intermittent spraying systems are more popular because they are easier to operate and control. It does not use continuous spray patterns as the continuous spray systems do. Instead, it uses light suction and air assist. In this type of system, the air cushion applied onto the surface allows the paint to be dispensed uniformly even on uneven surfaces. They are ideal for use on curved surfaces, where circular or projected bubbles are not an issue. However, they are less effective with flat or smooth surfaces.

Electrostatic technology is one of the latest developments in the painting industry. With the introduction of electrostatic systems, new techniques and applications are now possible. This new equipment and technology can help contractors make a safer, healthier workplace. It is a great option to have installed in any job site.