Two Popular Options For Your Essentials Sprayer Needs

An electrostatic charge is one of the most effective tools you can use when spraying concrete. This method has been around for decades, but only recently has it become an acceptable method for proper concrete spraying. When properly used, the positive charges of the static charges produce will leave the concrete with no lingering negative charge. This allows for the concrete to absorb the full amount of water injected into it. In addition to this, the static charge left in the concrete will prevent other contaminants, such as oil, from contaminating the surface of your concrete.

ess sprayer

There are two types of electrostatic concrete sprayers available to contractors. The Electrostatic Pintail (ESS, Watkinsville, Ga. and Gainesville, Va.) uses a pressure pump to deliver air into the mist sprayer, which is situated directly in front of the nozzle. The ESS Sprayer creates a very high voltage negative charge on the droplets of water as they pass over the high Voltage ring. As the water passes over the ring, it creates an electrostatic charge that attracts the dirt and grime. These particulates are then removed through the venturi action of the ess sprayer.

Another popular model of the Esser, the whole-room fogger, can be utilized in combination with a portable air cleaner, an ozone generator and a UV sterilizer. The former is most often utilized for application to decks and patios. It provides great coverage for areas that would be otherwise hard to reach. The former produces the highest coverage area for the money spent. Because the large bulk of this product is contained in one large housing, the user does not need any additional equipment to drive the unit.

The vaporizer, also known as a UV sterilizer, is another popular choice for the individual who would like to add some additional air cleaning to their outdoor landscaping areas. Vaporizers utilize the latest technology to provide an ozone-free atmosphere where the droplets are directed into the air. The ozone generator is an accessory to the vaporizer that allows it to function at higher levels when the vaporizer is in use. Some of these units have several controls that allow you to adjust the ozone and vapor production as needed for specific areas or entire yards.

The mini air-blast sprayer is also available for use in your home or office. This is an ideal option for homeowners who are attempting to reduce the allergens in their immediate environment. These units utilize a compressed air source to release a fine spray of air into the air. These types of sprayers are usually less expensive than their larger counterparts. Because of their compact size, they provide better coverage in smaller areas.

If you have a relatively large lawn area or one that experiences a lot of traffic, you might want to consider purchasing a coldfogger handgun sprayer. The coldfogger has a nozzle that releases small foggers that are ideal for capturing larger particles of dirt, debris, and pollen. This option will produce more accurate coverage than a standard handheld sprayer. The coldfogger has a wider, long arm, and is very easy to store. The coldfogger handguns usually do not require any sort of assembly, but you should be able to easily locate the parts to change out if so desired.

For individuals with smaller or more hidden areas to clean, one of these top choices is the electrostatic air-blast sprayer. Electrostatic air-blast sprayers utilize a dual homing system that enables them to hit only those areas that you choose. This ensures better spray coverage and less missed spots in your outdoor space. One other great feature about the electrostatic air-blast sprayer is that it is safe to use in the presence of small children.

These are the two best options for getting a quality fogger for your home or business. The difference between these two options lies in how quickly you can get your hands on one of these products. Both of these units do a fantastic job at what they are designed to do, which is to fog large areas quickly and effectively. However, when it comes to extra features and capabilities that make these products much better than other manufacturers’ models, the ESS stand out.