The Best Types of Portable Electrostatic Sprayer Systems

It may come as a surprise to know that there are many situations where a portable electrostatic sprayer is required. In fact, these are a common tool in industries such as mining, power generation and oil exploration, to name a few. In addition, many homeowners will use portable electrostatic sprayer in the laundry, garages, basements and more for general cleaning purposes.

However, the portability of a portable electrostatic sprayer have limited their applications. The size and weight of an electric static discharging system (ESD) have always been secondary concerns as these devices were designed to be carried either by towable vehicles or other stationary vehicles. As the portable electrostatic systems have become more compact and lightweight, they have also become more versatile and can be used in any number of applications. Some of the more popular uses include the following:

The most common application of portable electrostatic systems is for the removal of pet odors from carpets and upholstery. These systems are also used in the laundry area to help reduce odor production, but the majority of portable electrostatic sprayer systems are designed for the carpet and upholstery areas of the home.

The first portable electrostatic sprays were primarily designed for industrial use. This allowed the electrostatic charge to flow down the metal coil to a specific point on the surface of the fabric, thereby releasing the volatile organic compounds (VOC) into the air. Because these systems are designed for use outdoors, they do not pose as much of a safety risk as a static charge would if used indoors.

The second type of portable electrostatic system is specifically designed to combat carpet stain removal. These are often used in the garage and basement areas as well to remove the smell associated with car owners who are not careful about the quality of their flooring.

The third category of portable electrostatic systems is a device commonly referred to as a “carpet deodorizer.” These cleaners will remove the odors from carpets without the use of VOCs and can help reduce the overall cost of replacing an older carpet with a new one.

In order to operate a portable electrostatic system, a special device known as a wand is used. These devices are designed to pick up the charged static charge of a carpet and channel it to an electrical source.

The amount of charge can vary depending on what the system will be used for, although it generally falls within a range that can easily accommodate up to four or five people. The portable device then discharges the charge into the air through a hose, which is connected to a fan that can disperse the charge over the area being cleaned.

While portable electrostatic systems can be used for cleaning carpet alone, many homeowners prefer them for the carpet stain removal that they can perform with another method. For example, some homeowners choose to purchase a commercial vacuum to use around the home and these are very effective at removing stains, but they do not do as good of a job in removing odors.

A commercial vacuum is designed to be used for cleaning carpets, but they are more expensive than a portable device. Additionally, most vacuums are not as powerful as a portable electrostatic system, so the odor that is created is not as strong as it would be with a portable unit. Most consumers choose a commercial vacuum for those homeowners who have an extremely sensitive carpet and who want to have a more powerful cleaner that does a better job of removing the odor.

Commercial cleaners are usually more expensive because they are designed for heavy duty areas. However, many people choose these cleaners because they can be used in smaller areas around the home where a portable unit might not be able to reach. When choosing a commercial cleaner, it is important to know the type of device that will best be used for the specific cleaning task.

Whether you are looking for a portable or commercial cleaner, it is important to consider the types of jobs you will be performing with your portable electrostatic sprayer. When it comes to removing pet odor from your carpets, an industrial unit is probably your best bet.