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3 Disinfection Mistakes to Avoid

To kill the microorganisms and viruses you’re targeting, your picked disinfectant needs to rest on the splashed surface for the quantity of time specified on the anti-bacterial’s label or security data sheet prior to it is dried or cleaned away. Because opposites attract, our electrostatic sprayers give disinfectants a positive cost so that they seek… Read More »


You’ve probably listened to names like electrostatic sprayer, fogger and also automated sprayer drifting around rather a little bit in combination with disinfection. One of the major differences in between an electrostatic sprayer and a fogger is fragment size. According to the EPA, a conventional (or non-electrostatic) sprayer that generates bits between 15 and also… Read More »

IPX Ratings: Why They’re Important

IP ratings, or Ingress Protection ratings, come from the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC). Each of the 2 numbers in IP ratings matches to a different level of security: the first shows how well the gadget secures versus strong particles like dust, as well as the 2nd indicates how well it protects against fluid ingress, or… Read More »

Clean vs. Disinfect

Commonly, surface areas call for cleaning up to remove pollutants before they can be decontaminated or sterilized. The process of disinfecting uses chemicals to remove up to 99.999 percent of germs as well as disease-causing microorganisms (with the exemption of bacterial spores) on tough, non-porous surfaces and also items. While pathogens like the flu infection… Read More »