Solvent Sprayer – Simple Tips to Choose One

A Solvent Gun is an electrically powered pump which uses pressurized air to mix the solvent and the flammable liquid. Typically used in welding and metalworking processes, these high pressure guns pump a stream of air directly into the fluid or gas that they are to be mixed. The pressurized air creates high temperatures and force the liquid or gaseous mixture into the solution at a very high velocity. Solvent guns are a convenient tool for cleaning the various components in our gas or oil production plants or other industrial facilities. Fluid guns also serve as an efficient tool for mixing up solids or powder to mix with the existing fluid in the reservoir.

The Lafferty Solvent Sprayer comes equipped with a 5 gallon internal tank that is capable of holding up to ten gallons of solvent spray. The 5 gallon internal tank is easily accessible and safe to store. Also the hose attached to this unit is made of non-corrosive material. The hose is able to withstand even high temperature and is able to withstand pressure of up to 600psi. The Lafferty Solvent Sprayer is also equipped with a remote control key that makes it easier to use the sprayer with a greater range of distances.

Using a solvent gun would make the process of mixing up the solids and the gas a lot faster than if you used a hand held solvent pump. However, there are a few differences between these two types of pressure pumps. Handheld pressure pumps work by injecting a lower volume of gas or solvent at a higher pressure. This results to the creation of a larger amount of pressure for the same volume of fuel. Solvent guns work by applying constant pressure to the solvent through the use of a constant flow system.

There are different types of solvents that you can choose from when you are purchasing a pressure pump. The one that you would want to purchase would depend on the kind of work you would be doing. In fact, there are solvents that can only be used for specific kinds of work. One example of this would be oils and greases. When these solvents are exposed to high temperatures, they would turn into a solid and thus would not be able to pass through them. This would also mean that you would have to change the oil or grease before you can use it again.

If you want to use a Lafferty Solvent Gun, there are some important things that you need to take note of first. First, check the size of the gun. If you have a small work area, then you should get a smaller gun. You can use the lower powered one to spray smaller amounts of solvent. However, if you have a larger space, then you would be better off with the more powerful pump that you can find in the market.

You also have to consider the pressure gauge of the gun. Check if it has the right pressure that you would be needing. It is also a good idea to read the instructions that come with it so that you would know how to properly maintain it. For instance, you would not want to put too much pressure on the gun because it might wear out easily. Aside from that, you would also have to make sure that the pump is also working well.

The next thing that you have to do is to clean the container. This would be very important especially if you intend to use the solvent in your own home. You have to make sure that the container is free from any debris so that it would work as effectively as possible. You have to clean it thoroughly and replace any parts that are already worn out. You might even have to replace the motor of the unit so that it would still function effectively.

To help you out more, you can check the manual of the solvent sprayer. In there, you would find more information about its proper cleaning, maintenance and storage. It is also advised for you to purchase an efficient one for your needs. Check out the price tags and quality of each model that you have in mind so that you would get the best one. This would ensure you that the tool that you will be getting would be worth its price.