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All of this packed into an affordable and compact cleaning machine. While generally solid, there are some core design issues with this pressure washer. Some of the plastic components provide a less-than-premium feel, with items such as the choke and gas-flow levers feeling fairly flimsy. The plastic hose may come in contact with the muffler while using, so be mindful of its position to prevent damage.

The Champion’s durable steel-frame design provides sturdiness and overall reliability to the machine. The combination of their proprietary Champion engine paired with an Annovi Reverberi axial pump provides remarkable cleaning capability from such a compact cleaner. With a gas tank of just under a gallon and dual-onboard detergent tanks, the Champion delivers prolonged performance to tackle pretty much any residential project you throw at it. On top of all of this is a comprehensive limited two-year warranty that provides peace of mind to new owners. The SpeedWash 7122 from Generac is a feature-packed powerhouse offering commercial-grade performance out of a consumer-grade machine.

It features a welded steel-frame design for durability and corrosion resistance, as well as 12″ never-flat wheels for maneuverability and portability. One of the biggest things people rave about when discussing their PW3100 is the performance offered for its price. People love how they’re able to tackle a variety of home cleaning projects thanks to its powerful pressure and included quick-change nozzles. Users also enjoy the ease of assembly and use provided as well, being fairly simple to assemble and run, with clear documentation provided.

You have to be patient and work the cable by twisting it and letting the jetter do its job. The last bend to the main drain stack took some time and in the end, nothing sounded better than hearing the water going to the main drain.

A degrease nozzle has a price of $41.95 and we only take orders by phone on these because they get custom drilled for your specific machines pressure and gpm. Maneuverable- In the heavy-duty 3000 psi jetter category, the RIDGID KJ-3100 is one of the most maneuverable jetters on the market. The unit, on its unique two-wheeled cart, easily fits through standard size doors and can negotiate tight turns with the greatest of ease. Powerful- Actual working pressure of 3000 psi and flow of 5.5 GPM (21 l/min) for fast, effective cleaning of lines. Taking the time up front to think about the best type of jetter for your projects will save you time in the long run, increasing your productivity and efficiency.

Even if you’re careful never to pour grease into a kitchen sink, over the years a thick, waxy coating inside the drain can accumulate from items cleaned in the sink. This this is fantastic, washing machine pipes were backing up, had plumber out, which was a waste of $175.

Hot Jet USA manufactures a broad range of cart sewer jetters for nearly any drain and sewer line jetting. As a Jetter Northwest customer we value your success. Our huge Trailer Mounted Jetter Inventory assures that we can ship your trailer jetter equipment in a very timely fashion.

Winterizing a pressure washer isn’t just for winter. If you’re not going to use it for 30 days or more, leaving it sit with any water and detergent in the lines can rust the inner workings, build up mildew, and damage seals. The variety of the 6 included quick-connect nozzles, featuring a soap applicator and turbo nozzle, are amazing accessories, especially considering the affordability of this machine. The welded hand-cart style frame offers enhanced durability, while 12″ never-flat all-terrain tires provide enhanced maneuverability. Onboard storage for the spray-gun, nozzles, and hose are a welcome addition as well.

He snaked it, said the washer just pumps too fast. Also FANTASTIC customer service, they called before shipping to ensure it would work for my situation and equipment.

The tool entered the drain with very little effort and managed to extend the entire 50ft of the hose length. As a bonus I proactively cleared my bath and kitchen drains with ease.

Prices are better nowadays than they used to be, however. You can get a strong residential gas power washer for the price of a medium-duty electric washer easily. People appreciate the ease of assembly out of the box, being able to piece the unit together with minimal time, tools, and effort.

Take out the spray gun from your pressure washer hose and replace it with the ball valve. First attach the pressure washer hose to the pressure. Lots of people wash their cars and trucks with a pressure washer. But if used carelessly, it can result in costly damage. With our step-by-step guide, you can safely and easily wash your vehicles with a power washer.

Within a week or two, the drain was starting to back up again. I realized that I should not have pulled the Needle Nose back while it was spraying, because all that slurry was still in the pipe. So I cleaned it again, this time stopping the spray when the hose reached the end of its limit and pulling the hose back in with no spray. I bought this as a last ditch effort to try to clear a tile in my back yard before having to dig it up.

One such electric option is the Model 717 hydrojetter from Spartan Tool. The portable system includes an adjustable pressure regulator and three standard hoses that allow cleaning out to 165 feet. This week’s gallery showcases a contemporary bathroom collection, a trailer-mounted jetter, an automatic flush valve with long-lasting battery, an end suction pump and more. This will clear grease but not as quickly as a deice/degrease nozzle will.

Ease of use is also appreciated as well, with the machine generally starting within 1-2 pulls and offering solid runtime. Another key point of enjoyment is the power produced by this machine, as well as the variety of included nozzles for various kinds of jobs. The revised hand-cart style design provides enhanced mobility so you can clean easier, while a powder-coated steel-frame delivers enhanced durability for additional peace of mind. Its reliable 196cc 6.5HP OHV engine feeds into a reliable axial cam pump, delivering 2700 PSI of power at a solid rate of 2.3 GPM.

Completely redesigned to provide better balance for easier handling. Powerful 3000 psi/5.5 gpm gas-powered plumbing jetter can be easily tipped back on its rear wheels to more easily maneuver it into position. The lightweight, compact jet gives you 1500 psi of cleaning power to clear 1-1/2″ to 3″ lines, yet weighs just 23 lbs. Rugged metal diamond plate case protects your investment.

The 212cc 4-stroke Westinghouse OHV horizontal-shaft engine provides both powerful performance and remarkable reliability. It features a steel-frame design for enhanced durability, while 12″ never-flat wheels provide enhanced mobility. Also featured are a gallon gas tank and half-gallon detergent tank, so you’re able to tackle bigger projects for longer periods. The WEN PW3100 is a great price-conscious offering impressive performance for a variety of jobs around your house. Driven by a 208cc air-cooled 4-stroke engine, this powerhouse is capable of producing up to 3100 PSI of pressure at a rate of 2.5 GPM.

Tough high pressure jetting hose comes in a variety of lengths and diameters. Use the 3/8″ ID hose for clean outs, 4″ through 8″ floor drains, and septic lines at distances up to 300 ft. With the 1/4″ ID hose, you can clear 2″ through 4″ lines up to 200 ft. away. Whether you’re up against grease, sand, or ice, there’s a General nozzle that will cut through it.

Water jetters use high-pressure water to cut the grease off the walls of the pipe and the water flushes the line clear. Jets also do a better job of clearing sand out of the line and dealing with a stubborn wintertime stoppage — ice. Attach your pressure washer hose to your pressure washer and run the other end of the hose to the inside or outside drain you want to clean. Convenient – Completely remove the hose reel to ease loading onto service trucks.

A generous fuel tank allows you to tackle bigger projects for longer, yet this unit is far lighter than competitors. This compact yet hefty machine from Simpson is packed with power. The PowerShot PS3228 is powered by a Honda GX200 engine, this powerhouse is capable of delivering 3300 PSI of pressure at a rate of 2.5 GPM. The included MorFlex hose is non-marring, kink & abrasion resistant, and features universal M22 threaded connections for enhanced compatibility.

Its aluminum axial cam pump provides perfect pressure for most tasks, and the spray itself can easily be adjusted with any of the four included nozzles. The ergonomically designed EndraGrasp spray gun provides both enhanced comfort and control with prolonged usage. From the legendary Westinghouse name comes the WPX3200 pressure washer.

The pipe is then cleaned with a high-pressure water jet by directing water pressure and flow through a nozzle. Controlled water pressure and flow propels a water jet through the sewer pipe allowing it to remove and wash away the obstruction. Silverman says those looking to purchase a water jetter have a couple things they should consider.

Simply rotate the hose reel forward to gain full access to the engine’s gas tank and air filter. If you’re unable to remove the clog with a sewer jetter, we’d strongly recommend that you have the drain tile inspected with a plumber’s video camera to see what might be blocking the line. It’s mainly the user who determines whether the sewer jetter is safe.

MyTana jetters are built to give you manuverable, efficient drain cleaning, read on to learn how we design our jetters. And click on the tabs below to see the specs of each model. General’s waterjetters are ideal for clearing soft stoppages and ice from clogged drain lines.

Additionally, this machine may walk when under power, so be sure to position carefully before use. One of the key standouts of this pressure washer is the pump powering it. Its compact form-factor makes storing simple and can be tucked away under workbenches or into corners for your convenience. Our family of portable jetters tackles obstructions in 1½” to 10″ sewer lines.

Our steel nozzles will penetrate and clean tough problems from pipe walls. With fiberglass casing to protect and silence the entire machine, Spartan’s premier trailer jet gives you 4,000 PSI at 18 GPM for the strength to clear almost any line. The patented 180° pivoting hose reel and optional six-function remote control let you handle the tightest spots. With pulsation and a full antifreeze system, the Warrior conquers tough clogs in any weather. Hose made from good quality material and was able to snake it through 1 1/2 pipe leading to exterior dry well.

This is what separates General’s Jet-Set® from ordinary pressure washers. Vibra-pulse breaks the initial tension between the surface of the hose and the walls of the pipe, thus helping the hose slide around tight bends and propels itself farther down the line. We offer a complete range of equipment, parts and accessories for the cleaning, maintenance and inspection of sewers and drains. MyTana has served the sewer and drain cleaning industry by providing quality equipment and service since 1957. We have shipped 1,000’s of Trailer Mounted Jetters and we can ship them worldwide.

We keep small cold water trailer jetters to our Best-Selling Trailer Mounted Jetter, HOT JET II, in stock and ready to ship. The Cart-Reel™ lets you use the power of gas jets in buildings and confined spaces where exhaust fumes can be dangerous. The compact Handy-Reel™ can be easily carried to the roof to clear vents and stacks.

Identical to the original, each nozzle usually lasts as long as the sewer jetter hose. Separate engines and separate pumps power either 9 GPM at 4,000 PSI for smaller Pipe cleaning, or a full 18 GPM at 4,000 PSI for larger Pipes when needed. The dual system ensures that you have the right equipment on the job, and saves you water, fuel and time !.

I took apart the drain lines and started in jetter in the main cabinet area under the sink. I got all the way to the main stack about 40 feet away. I honestly didn’t think it was going to make the first bend.

The included quick-connect nozzles allow you to tackle a variety of tougher cleaning tasks. The power and reliability offered by the Westinghouse engine help offer peace of mind to your purchase, knowing you’re able to tackle a variety of tasks for years to come.

Also, you will want to take note that these kits can usually take up to 4,000 PSI of pressure but not really anything above that. Put the right nozzle on the end of the jetter hose.

They use a stream of high pressure water that hits the stoppage and flushes it away. The thrust of the nozzle drives the hose down the line and gives you wall to wall cleaning action. You’ll find plenty of uses for General’s plumbingjetters – in restaurants, hotels, hospitals, shopping malls, factories, and septic systems.

You’ll notice that gas pressure washers are also a lot heavier than electric. But that’s due to the added weight of the engines, which weigh at least 25 pounds on most models.

The frame is backed by a 10-year limited warranty, the pump by a 5-year limited warranty, the engine by a 3-year limited warranty, and the accessories by a 90-day limited warranty. We’ve listed several top-rated gas pressure washers from brands such as Champion®, Ford®, WEN®, Simpson®, and Generac®. Browse the listings and compare to find the machine that’s right for you.

While a bit pricy, you won’t ever be disappointed in the performance from a quality machine like the Simpson PS3228. For those of you who have cold winters, you must winterize your gas pressure washer before storing it so you’ll be able to start it again come spring. To do this, follow your owner’s manual instructions.

My basement sump pump goes out a 3″ sewer pipe to a catch basin in my back yard. From there it transitions into a 4″ corrugated field tile. The field tile stopped taking water this spring and the catch basin was backing up into my yard. I purchased this jetter hose as a last ditch effort to fix my drain issues in my own house. Set of two miniature tools helps you quickly remove debris from nozzle jets. From there, you can use the hose reel to pull it back up when you’re done.

Powered by Generac’s 196cc OHV engine and a brass-head axial cam pump, this machine is capable of generating 3200 PSI of pressure, flowing at a rate of 2.7 GPM. While the MSH3125 is similar in design and even offers comparable performance to the PS3228, it is a notably cheaper alternative for the budget-conscious among us. Designed for residential use, it’s powered by a Honda GC190 engine and OEM axial cam pump that is capable of producing 3200 PSI of pressure at 2.5 GPM. As with most Simpson pressure washers, people are impressed by the power provided and performance it can deliver. The unit comes with five quick-connect nozzles, an ergonomic sprayer with 16″ wand, and even a detergent siphon tube with filter for your convenience.

This jetter propels a highly flexible hose through 1 1/4″ to 6″ lines blasting through sludge, soap and grease blockages. As you pull the hose back, it power scrubs the line flushing debris away, restoring drain lines to their full, free-flowing capacity. The jetter is easily removed from the cart in seconds for hard to reach drains, indoor applications or remote storage. This jetter propels a highly flexible hose through 1 1/4″ to 4″ lines – blasting through sludge, soap and grease blockages.

Install the provided jetter hose onto the hose reel and attach the desired nozzle for the job at hand. The EJ3000 Gasoline Powered Drain Jetter provides power and portability for a fast blast through clogged drain lines.

Some are designed for maximum penetrating power, some are designed to pressure wash the pipe walls, and some are designed to go around sharp bends. All of General’s nozzles are made of hardened stainless steel to last longer.

If you need heavy-duty cleaning power for exterior surfaces, nothing beats a top-rated gas pressure washer. From cars and oil-stained driveways to mildewed decks, patios and walkways, you’ll be amazed at how quickly you can make them look like new with the right power washer. Make sure you leave the lines crystal clear with General’s rotary nozzles. The JN-RB heavy duty hardened stainless steel rotary nozzles have two 90 degree jets to scour the walls of the pipe, and two 35 degree jets to drive the hose down the line.

Basically, you’ll be filling the pump and internal tubing system with RV-type antifreeze. If storing for over a month, drain the gas from the fuel tank as well.

OptionalFoot Pedal gives you added versatility – water flows when you step on the pedal and stops when you lift your foot. Or you can get a spray wand and use your jet for pressure washing. Ideal for clearing big lines or remote jobs far from a water source.

We’d expect your sewer jetter to break through and scrub away just about any iron ochre clog, even if the clog has dried out and hardened. Of course, scrubbing out a hardened iron ochre clog can take much more time and patience. The first time I used the Needle Nose, I let it progress all the way to the end of its length, but then gradually pulled it back while spraying to see the results of the cleaning. It brought back lots of slurry to the bucket I had under the clean-out access under the bar sink.

As you pull the hose back, it power scrubs the line, flushing debris away and restoring drain lines to their free-flowing capacity. Hello Bobbi, sorry you’ve had trouble finding the right replacement. If you’re looking for something that is basically just an upgrade on what you had, try the Simpson Cleaning PS3228.

A 2500 psi/12 gpm pump, driven by a 24 hp Honda engine blasts lines clear of grease, sediment, and debris. The powerful jet gives you as much pressure as you can get from an electric jet. Contact us for more information on our water jetter sewer drain cleaners and drain line cleaner equipment that has a throng of industrial uses, or request a quote today. Silverman says the electric-powered machines are the most popular of General Pipe Cleaners’ jetters.

Had an issue with nozzle clogging but I suspect my well water sediment contributed to that. My dry well previously clogged by washer machine lint. I installed a washer machine lint filter in my home to prevent future build up. The Clog Hog tool matched the PSI, GPM output and hose connection of my pressure washer perfectly.

They’re also bigger so they can support the engine and gas tank. Yes, gas-powered pressure washers are more expensive than electric. But for power, durability, and heavy-duty usage, they can’t be beat.

The design behind this unit features a more intuitive and forward-thinking design than some competitors. The Stanley SXPW3124 is a compact washer that offers enhanced cleaning capability at an affordable price. The Stanley engine and OEM pump produce up to 3100 PSI of pressure at a rate of 2.4 GPM, delivering impressive results for its size.

It’s not too heavy for a gas-powered pressure washer, weighing only 67 pounds and featuring 12″ never-flat wheels for easier maneuverability. The adjustable PowerDial allows you to adjust pressure based on the task at hand, whether you’re cleaning concrete, wood, vehicles, or even dispensing detergent.

The first should be what kinds of lines need to be cleared — specifically the length and diameter. Generally, longer lines and larger diameter pipes require more pressure and water flow.

This incredible device has offers a Honda engine and 2200 psi, along with 6.5hp. It also offers 2.5gpm and five quick change nozzles.

I just jetted most of my drain lines with the Clog Hog. It worked flawlessly, even in the 1.5 inch drains.