Portable Electrostatic Sprayers

portable electrostatic sprayer

Portable Electrostatic Sprayers

The latest innovation adds yet another improved portable electrostatic sprayer known as an electrostatic activated cooler (ESAC) that can either be used alone as a stand-alone device or is coupled with other similar devices to give a multi-directional, multiple-hosed electrostatic cooler. This type of sprayer has the ability to deliver high levels of static charge to an object and to rapidly dissipate this charge in a controlled manner. One advantage of the multi-axis capability of this sprayer is that the spray can reach any angle and can even go as far away as 30 feet from the device.

These portable electrostatic sprayers are made by several different companies such as Hydro spraying equipment, Tektronix Spray guns and Intex technologies. Most portable units are made of stainless steel to prevent corrosion, rusting or damage due to weathering. Some models can handle liquids up to three times its weight in either a hot or cold temperature range. This type of sprayer can deliver a spray of up to one thousand volts of power in either a hot or cold temperature range. The voltage output is determined by the sprayer’s flow capacity and will determine if it is suitable for what you are spraying.

A portable electrostatic sprayer can come in the form of a single nozzle unit that is mounted on a motorized boom, which is commonly seen in larger buildings such as apartment buildings. Other types are more convenient to move around because they have a hoist type mechanism that allows them to be easily moved around. They can also be moved from one place to another with a crane. These types usually do not need as much manpower to put them together because they are self contained. However, it would be beneficial to hire someone to mount and transport it for you.

There are two types of portable electrostatic sprayer systems. The first is called a dynamic electric spraying system or DENS. These units are not only limited to spraying liquid. There are also other applications where they can be added such as liquid detergents, cleaning solvents, paint thinners and degreasers. This type of system can also be operated with a handheld control.

The second is called a static electrostatic liquid sprayer or SELV. This is ideal for outdoor use. It has a built in tank that holds the electrostatic liquid and has a specially designed outlet to connect to a power supply. When the static charge builds up, it will discharge into the air. To ensure that there are no accidental discharges, there is a specially designed outlet that is used to connect the liquid reservoir to the power line. This type is also a good choice because of the low level of power required to operate the device.

The SELV model requires only a low and high voltage electrode to function. The low voltage electrode is attached to the opposite end of the outlet, while the high voltage electrode is mounted at the top of the sprayer body. For the SELV model, the outlet is located at the far left of the spraying area. For the static model, it is placed at the far right.

A special type of electrostatic sprayer known as the magneto spay is especially designed for use with electrical motors. A permanent magnet shielding around the metal casing will prevent the spray from energizing the motor. The permanent magnet shielding prevents the flow of current and the formation of a magnetic field. As the motor starts to turn, the magneto acts like a capacitor and draws energy from the high voltage source powering the motor. Once the motor is turned off, the current flowing through the tubing is zero.

In order to use the portable version of the electrostatic sprayer, you will need a portable air compressor with a high powered air compressor hose. Place the portable unit on a sturdy table or surface, preferably one that will not tip over. Connect the air compressor to the hose at the appropriate connection point in the hose, making sure there are no cross connections. Attach the magneto end of the hose to the permanent magnet on the unit. Allow the portable unit to continue to spray until the air compressor is turned off, at which time the foam target surface will be generated.