How to Find an Electrostatic Sprayer For Sale

What is an electrostatic sprayer for sale? Many people have heard of an electrostatic mower but are unsure what this means. When you buy a new electric lawnmower, what do you typically get? Well, apart from a tool that will cut through grass very quickly and a bag of chemicals to keep the grass clear… Read More »

Two Popular Options For Your Essentials Sprayer Needs

An electrostatic charge is one of the most effective tools you can use when spraying concrete. This method has been around for decades, but only recently has it become an acceptable method for proper concrete spraying. When properly used, the positive charges of the static charges produce will leave the concrete with no lingering negative… Read More »

What to Consider While Buying an Electrostatic Spray Gun

There is a great debate going on about electrostatic spray guns. Some people say that they are essential tools of the trade, while others decry their use as being hazardous and even illegal. The truth of the matter is that the arguments put forth about them are rather one sided. In actuality, they fall into… Read More »

Ess Electrostatic Spraying Systems For Home Use

Electrostatic Discharge is a technology that has many uses. These uses include the elimination of hazardous substances and the protection of individuals from harm. Many of these items can be hazardous to people, if they come into contact with them. With the use of Electrostatic Discharge, this can all be avoided. The Electrostatic Spray (ESD)… Read More »

What You Need To Know About Spray-On Disinfecting Methods

With many decontaminating alternatives readily available, it can be hard to determine which one is the right fit for your company or facility. To help you comprehend your options, we’ve provided overviews of the 4 most typical disinfectant spray applicators. Hand pump sprayers The timeless spray container or hand pump sprayer was the go-to cleansing… Read More »

Electromagnetic Sprayer For Aqueous Or Hydrogen Peroxide Fogs

An electromagnetic sprayer (EMCS) is a portable device used to quickly and easily remove a wide range of hazardous substances from work or school locations. The device uses a high-energy magnetic field to excite particles in the air to create a dangerous chemical reaction called oxidation. This chemical reaction can break down the bonds of… Read More »

How Does an Electrostatic Spray Gun Work?

How Does an Electrostatic Spray Gun Work? If you are new to Electro-spray Guns and just want to know what they are, then this article is for you. How an Electrostatic spray gun works is pretty straight forward. This type of gun shoots out a fine mist of particles that adhere to any conductive object… Read More »

Electrostatic Disinfection

An electrostatic sprayer really is the only solution to those annoying, nagging, smelly, and stubborn disinfection issues. Electrostatic sprayers gently charge the particles of your chosen disinfectant so that they stick together. Positively charged particles of deodorants are attracted by these charged surfaces, so they adhere. Once they stick, there’s no turning back. So you… Read More »