What Is a Portable Sprayer Used For?

What Is a Portable Sprayer Used For? The most common way to apply paint is with a can of portable sprayer. Can liners or rolls are filled with a fine mist of paint which you then apply to the surface you want to paint. They are inexpensive and give a nice, even finish. A can… Read More »

Why Is Electrostatic Coatings Important?

This article is about electrostatic spray coating which is also called electrostatic insulation. It is a discontinued application of prior art which was disclosed in the patent specification and reported in U.S. Patent Application No. 573,812 filed on July 6, 1953. A description of electrostatic spray coatings may be in simplified form as a sheet… Read More »

Battery Powered Sprayers – A Brief Introduction

Battery Powered Sprayers – A Brief Introduction A battery powered sprayer is an essential for every garden. With a push of a button, you can easily spray any type of soil, fertilizer, or flower from afar. These machines are very handy, as they save you a lot of time and energy. These types of garden… Read More »

How to Electrically Coat Your Metal

How to Electrically Coat Your Metal The Electrospray coating is a new method for applying paint. It’s been around for some time but only recently has it become a common form of paint application. It’s basically an electrochemical process that changes the color of the paint. One side of the coating will have an active… Read More »

Electrostatic Spray Gun For Sale – Choosing One

Electrostatic Spray Gun For Sale – Choosing One Electrostatic Disinfection sprays are becoming increasingly popular in the home security market. They are very effective and can eliminate a wide variety of unpleasant odors. These types of sprays work by emitting high voltage, low amperage electric shocks to the particles that are causing the unpleasant odor… Read More »

Electrostatic Spray Gun Types

An electrostatic spray gun can be a great tool to use for many different painting projects. There are a number of different applications for these types of guns, but they are most commonly used in interior painting. Electrostatic paint guns are also referred to as static guns or pressure guns. These guns use static electricity… Read More »

Everything You Need to Know About Electrostatic Liquid Spray Guns

Electrostatic liquid spray guns are used frequently by many commercial contractors around the country to clear out small restricted areas including mines, tanks, trailers, Jeeps, cars, boats, and even construction sites. The non-chemical based cleaning agents used with these guns make it safe and cost effective than other similar cleaning tools. These types of liquids… Read More »