Maintaining Your Electric Sprayer

An electric sprayer is a necessary item for most gardeners. They can either buy one or rent one. I do not know why most people do not choose to buy one but that is their choice. It is usually more expensive than a gas powered one. However, they are more efficient and save you time and effort in gardening.

Before you go out shopping, you need to make a list of all the things you will need. Make sure that everything fits your budget. Decide what you will use it for. Is it for the garden or for the house? Once you have decided that, look for the one that meets all your needs.

The electric sprayer, you are going to purchase should have at least two speeds. This will make sure that you get the right amount of water for your plants. If you buy an electric one without any adjustment speed, you will end up with poor spray coverage in your garden. To test if the electric is working properly, you can spray weeds by standing on the blades of the garden tool.

Check the electrical connections to make sure that they are strong. In some cases, the connection is very weak. It will cause an electrical shock if you touch the electric sprayer nozzle. Some of the parts of an electric sprayer include the motor, hose, sprayer body and hose collar. It is important that you replace these parts when needed to ensure proper operation.

After you have bought the electric sprayer, read the manual carefully to familiarize yourself with its features and functions. Most of them have different controls. Read them so that you can make sure that the one you have is suitable for your needs. Make sure that the handle is appropriate for your hand. Some models have automatic control, while others require manual adjustment.

Check the maintenance of the garden tools. Some brands have a guarantee, while others do not. The guarantee that they offer usually lasts for a year or two. You should check the warranty if it is still valid. In addition, you may consider buying a new sprayer if the one you already have has a limited warranty period.

Use your electric sprayer after cleaning it. This will help prolong the life of the appliance and the nozzle. It is a good practice to rinse the sprayer after using to make sure that there will be no build-up of dirt. Before recharging, you must make sure that the cord is clean and dry. It should also be attached to a wall outlet.

Lastly, store your garden tools safely. This is essential to prevent possible accidents. Electric sprays can slip and fall off a rack if not secured properly. If an electric sprayer drops down, there is a possibility that the sprayer parts could fly all over the place and might hit people or worse, pets and children. You should always remember to attach it safely to a wall outlet.

Always clean your electric sprayer after each use. There is no need for cleaning it daily unless you want to maintain its good working condition. After cleaning, you should reconnect the garden hose to the water source. Allow it to dry thoroughly before recharging it again.

If you own more than one electric sprayer, you should learn how to effectively organize your space so that you can better utilize your garden tools. It is best to segregate your tools based on their types. For example, there are screwdrivers, blades, brushes and so on. It would be much easier for you to clean your electric sprayer if you have everything in one basket. Separate them according to the type of job they are supposed to do.

Some electric sprayers come with different attachments such as blowers, rakes and so on. It is best to learn about the attachments before buying your own sprayer. If the garden tools come with separate rods, make sure that they are attached firmly to the sprayer. These rods should be checked regularly for fraying. This can prevent the sprayer from performing its job effectively.

Keeping your electric sprayer in a clean and dry area is very important. It would be useless if it is exposed to dust, dirt and other particles. In addition, it would be best if you place it in a place where it will not get exposed to rain or excessive heat. All these factors can affect the performance of your electric cleaner and could result to damage to the components.