How to Find the Best Electrostatic Sprayer For Sale

DescriptionIf you’re looking for a quality electrostatic charge controller that’s easy to install, operate, maintain, and replace, look no further than a Cordless Electrostatic Shopper For Sale. With the push of a button, this rugged and feature-rich electrostatic system can provide superior coverage in a fraction of the time of a standard electrostatic system. Professional Cordless Electrostatic Sprayer enables the consumer hours of trouble-free spraying time while eliminating the hassle of dragging around a long electrical cord. It also is designed to conserve labor and time, spray more liquid, and adequately cover larger surfaces without any excess kickback or splintering.

electrostatic sprayer for sale

What You GetVoltage: The power of voltage ensures that this powerful electrostatic sprayer delivers the goods. With a 12v9ah battery, you get a powerful, punchy spray that covers a tremendous amount of area. And, the powerful punchlines does not end there; this model also sprays a steady stream of foam with pinpoint accuracy. Best of all, the sprayer works well with either an alcohol pad or a foam pad to produce the most even coverage possible. No matter what your surface needs to be covered, this model will be able to deliver it perfectly.

Features: Along with powerful, punchy spray, this amazing product also has features to make your life easier and more efficient. Electrostatic disinfection technology means the sprayer dispenses clean, ionized air that kills dust mites, germs, and viruses. A strong, double-sided nozzle lets you cover large areas quickly and easily.

Droplet Size: Most models in this line have a medium and a large droplet size. Droplets come in a wide assortment of sizes, including; small, medium, large, and extra-large. A large droplet size will cover an enormous area in a short period of time, while smaller droplets are more suited for covering a smaller area.

Ease of Use: This important feature is something that most consumers overlook when shopping for an electrostatic cleaner. This cleaner is easy to use, especially if you purchase one with a droplet size that is right for you. These devices are specifically designed to be used without any brushes or nozzle attachments. This ensures that you can spray them with ease and in the simplest manner possible, no matter what the size of the area you are spraying.

Types of Electrostatic Disinfection Sprays: There are different types of electrostatic disinfection sprays on the market. You can generally assume that any type of sprayer you buy will be the same, but there are a few exceptions. One of the biggest differences between types of cleaners is their shape. Most devices utilize a cylindrical form, while others are round and some are V-shaped. The cylinder forms generally require the most work to use, which is why it’s important to consider the specific needs of your cleaning job before deciding which one is right for you.

Type of Electrostatic Sprayer For Sale: There are two main types of electrostatic sprayers for sale on the market today. These include a rechargeable battery powered unit and a power driven device. If you are looking for a device that requires a high level of energy output to effectively perform its job, then you are better off purchasing a power driven unit. These units use a high powered 12V9ah battery, along with a powerful but lightweight (and easily portable) electric motor.

Size of Electrostatic Sprayer For Sale: As electrostatic power tools are typically used by professionals, they are often quite large in size. The smallest models available on the market are around the same size as a paintbrush. A typical power driven unit is about twice the size of a typical paintbrush and is usually only capable of powering one nozzle at a time. This means that you won’t need to worry about using two or more spray guns on one job.