How to Choose the Right Electrostatic Backpack Sprayer for Your Purposes

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How to Choose the Right Electrostatic Backpack Sprayer for Your Purposes

The Victory Point ES300 Semi-automatic Electrostatic Backpack Sprayer is ideal for the professional sprayer who needs to service large areas. It features both high and low settings, allowing the user to adjust coverage according to the job. It is the perfect solution for spraying interior vehicles and other large work areas. There are many reasons to choose this product. The following are benefits offered with every sprayer:

High Setting – This setting allows the user to spray up to a mile without the motor slowing down or failing. A high setting will allow higher concentrations of liquid to be emitted from the electrostatic backpack sprayer. A higher setting also allows the user to spray three miles without any cooling off period. The ES300 Semi-automatic Electrostatic Backpack Sprayer is powered by a nine volt battery that is attached to the spindle arm. The adapter matches a standard nine-volt battery. The warranty on the backpack includes a two year limited warranty on the battery and a one year limited warranty on the unit itself.

Low Setting – This setting allows the backpack sprayer to spray thirty-five yards. A lower setting stops the motor from running until the battery is discharged completely. When the battery reaches eighty percent capacity, the motor kicks in to complete the job. With the fully charged battery, the wrench can be turned on counter clockwise to start the process. It is important to remember to turn the battery off before turning off the power source.

High Setting – The maximum amount of time the backpack can be run on a full charge is one hour to ninety minutes. When the battery is nearly discharged, the pump will start up and complete the spraying job in less than one hour. To keep the longest amount of time between refills, you should only use the sprayer for jobs that require little drying time. These include carpet and upholstery jobs with short runs. You may increase the amount of drying time by increasing the charge time on the battery.

Types of Electrostatic Backpack Sprayer There are two types of backpack sprayers: electrical and hydraulic. The electrical model features an electrical outlet that plugs into a wall outlet. The nozzle wrench is attached to the wrench with a cable that is then plugged into the outlet. Hydraulic models include an additional hose, typically a twelve foot long hose, which allows it to be connected to an existing outlet using plumbing or a wall outlet.

The features available in both types of backpack electrostatic sprayers are almost identical. One slight difference is the type of power that is used to operate the unit. Most models utilize a rechargeable battery. A common choice for cordless electrostatic sprayers is the nickel-cadmium type that provides a good match for the power requirements of these types of jobs. Rechargeable batteries are available in different sizes depending on the job and your particular needs.

Save Time and Money with a Professional Cordless Electrostatic Sprayer. If you are a handyman or woman who is able to change a flat tire on your own, or do some minor repairs around the house, you may want to consider an electrostatic sprayer. These units are designed to spray down surfaces without having to use a rag or any other tool. The best models will spray the material down a three to four inch area and are powerful enough to perform their job with no damage to the clothing or other items around the area to be sprayed. There are numerous jobs that can be done with a portable and cordless sprayer and if you save time while doing them, they will also save you money.

Electrostatic Purtabs Disinfecting Tablets Sprayers are great for disinfecting areas as well. You can purchase a variety of different portals for this purpose. Some are designed specifically for bathroom areas, toilets, sinks and counter tops, while others are designed for disinfecting larger areas. A great advantage to these types of portable electrostatic sprayers is that you can also use them for cleaning electronic equipment. You can get the kind that has a long hose and comes equipped to clean your computer and other electronics as well. Whether you need to clean a bathroom, basement, countertop or other area, portals disinfecting tablets sprayer can help you achieve your goals.