How to Choose a Portable Electrostatic Discharge Device

A portable electrostatic sprayer can help you clear up any situation where moisture, water or excessive heat has been a problem in your home or office. These products are especially useful for getting rid of mold and mildew, but they can also be used to get rid of almost any type of potential fire hazard. Electrostatic discharges happen when there is an electrical charge created in a metal object, which causes an electrical exchange. This exchange is very dangerous and it creates the potential for damage or even fire.

portable electrostatic sprayer

You might think that using a portable electrostatic sprayer would be an expensive proposition, but that just isn’t true. These products come in many different forms and they are quite affordable. Of course, they won’t do any good if you don’t use them correctly or if you don’t apply them in the right way. However, if you follow the guidelines for the product carefully, then you shouldn’t have any problems. Here are some tips to help you get started right away:

Size It is important to think about the size of the area that you are hoping to cover before you purchase a sprayer. They tend to work best in a larger room – approximately 30 gallons is the recommended area – although they may not be suitable for cleaning ducts or refrigerators. They are very effective in clearing out particles in these larger areas, though. The best thing to do is figure out how much surface area your area has to cover and then go from there.

Discharge Rate The higher the discharge rate, the more effectively and quickly a portable unit can work. The best units are able to discharge at rates of up to 1000 volts, so this is what you should aim for if you are purchasing one for your own personal use. If you are purchasing one for a commercial application, you should look to find ones with higher discharge rates as well. These units are available in both electric and gas models, and you should choose the one that is going to give you the best results.

Types There are two types of discharge units – electrostatic and ultrasonic. Electrostatic units produce a cloud of charged particles that are released through a pipeline discharges to an area. Ultrasonic units produce a high frequency sound wave that is emitted from a releasing unit. Both of these options are quite effective. The best option is going to depend on what the area you are cleaning is made from and what materials you are trying to get rid of.

Cost The cost of a portable unit can vary widely. Some of them are incredibly cheap – costing only a few dollars – but they will not have the features that other units have. You should always factor in the cost of the accessories that come with the unit when buying one for your own personal use, or for the purpose of using it in a commercial setting. If you are looking for a portable unit specifically designed for industrial or commercial use, you will have to pay more.

Power A unit needs power in order to function properly. The more power you need, the more difficult it will be for the unit to work. Portable units are not cheap because they need to have power, so they can be powered by a variety of different things. This can range from battery power to natural sources such as the sun or wind.

Discharge Rate You will need to choose a discharge rate when choosing a portable electrostatic discharge system. The higher the discharge rate, the faster electricity will be produced and the more portable it will be. Higher discharge rates will also produce more static charge.