How electrostatic is helping schools stay safe

While many schools are now able to have in-person classes and on-campus sports, the unpredictability of COVID-19 means closures are still a threat. Early in the pandemic, most schools across the country were forced to move to online learning – a situation that overwhelmingly harmed academic development[1].

To keep kids in the classroom, schools are pouring resources into infectious disease mitigation, including contact tracing, requiring quarantines and encouraging good hygiene. For many schools, a good infection prevention strategy includes upgrading cleaning techniques from spray bottles and rags to more effective tools. Keep reading to find out how some schools relied on electrostatic disinfecting to keep everyone safe early in the pandemic.

Brenham Independent School District

When all Texas school districts had to close in March of 2020, students in Brenham’s school district had both academics and sports put on hold. Jamie Woodall, director of health and safety and head athletic trainer for Brenham ISD, spent the summer working with her colleagues to create a reopening plan for August. 

Woodall had been using a Victory Innovations electrostatic sprayer purchased before the pandemic to help prevent bacterial infections in the locker room and on buses. She realized that the sprayers could be an important part of their reopening plan. 

“Once the pandemic came along,” Woodall said, “We realized that product was going to serve us very well in the cleaning procedures that were required… we needed to buy more.”  

Woodall purchased several Victory sprayers for use across both athletic and classroom spaces. The electrostatic sprayers were exactly the solution they needed to keep surfaces disinfected and safe without disrupting class time.

The backpack sprayer has eliminated a lot of time in the required cleaning. It covers a lot of space very quickly, and it’s very easy to use.

Jamie Woodall, Director of Health and Safety, Brenham ISD

“The weight room takes only a few minutes, and then each locker room takes only a few minutes as well,” Woodall said. “The backpack sprayer has eliminated a lot of time in the required cleaning. It covers a lot of space very quickly, and it’s very easy to use. Cleaning an entire facility, like a field house, would take fifteen minutes or less.

College Station ISD

College Station ISD contains nineteen elementary, middle and high schools – all of which were closed early in the pandemic. “A lot of our kids were impacted,” said College Station ISD Head Athletic Trainer Karl Kapchinski. Kapchinski was responsible for creating a safety plan to restart athletic programs based on local requirements and CDC recommendations. 

That included a plan for effective cleaning and disinfecting. Kapchinski had already been looking for a better way to sanitize athletic equipment and prevent common bacterial infections like MRSA. 

I’ve been incredibly impressed with the way [Victory sprayers] operate, the ease of being able to use them, and how the batteries last forever.

Karl Kapchinski, Head Athletic Trainer, College Station ISD

After purchasing Victory’s backpack electrostatic sprayers, Kapchinski crafted a disinfection routine for athletic facilities. With the electrostatic sprayers, he was able to fully disinfect the weight rooms and locker rooms in a fraction of the time it would have taken with traditional methods. “We [would] get it done in just a few minutes,” Kapchinski said. “I’ve been incredibly impressed with the way they operate, the ease of being able to use them, and how the batteries last forever.” 

Because he finds them easy and quick to use, Kapchinski plans to continue using his Victory backpack sprayers routinely after the pandemic is over to maintain a heightened disinfection protocol. He feels that ensuring students stay healthy and in-person is crucial.

Keeping kids safe in school

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