Finding The Right Solvent Sprayer For The Job

A Lafferty Solvent Sprayer is used in the industry for cleaning and degreasing hazardous materials. The sprayer consists of two tanks, the tank holding the solvent and the one holding the cleaning solution. The two tanks can be compatible with each other. The sprayer uses pressurized air to initiate the foam reaction which removes the solvent from the cleaning solution. This is done by allowing the cleaning solution to pass through a nozzle connected to the solute sprayer. This leads to the solvent being released and absorbed by the cleaning solution.

Lafferty Solvent Sprayers comes with an optional self-contained storage tank. The 3 gallon tank is also available as a carry case for easy transportation of the unit. The 5 gallon Internal tank of the solvent sprayer is a separate and complete unit that is perfectly suited for use with most high-flash-points solvents and includes an optional self-contained storage tank.

Many companies make Lafferty products. These include the following brands: Arrochar, Auto Anything, Brandywine, Carron, DevaCurl, Eureka, Home Gyms, Jack and J in Bob’s, Knott’s Berry Farm, Master Cleaners, Mesothelioma Inc., Mopan, Nitrile, Oakley, Pine Nuts, Russell Hobbs, San Jamar, Seville Tools, Sun-Mar Corporation, The Dow Chemical Company, Thermoform International, Union Carbide and Zenmed. Zenmed is a supplier of solvents. The distributors have a large variety of solvents and other tools available. They sell to retailers around the world.

The high pressure flow, high temperature, and unique nozzles make the solvents used by these manufacturers exceptional. A wide range of solvents are available from this manufacturer. They can be used for wood care, auto body repair, heating, laundry, roofing, painting and construction. Using a solvent sprayer is an easy way to clean most surfaces. It removes grease and dirt without harming the paint or the underlying material and it leaves the surface residue free to be cleaned easily later.

Solvent sprayers come in many shapes and sizes. They can be purchased as floor mounted units, wall mountable units, portable units, or as carrying cases for easy transportation. Some companies sell single sprays and multiple streams at different flow rates. Some have tip extensions, while others have no tip at all. Each solvent sprayer has its own cleaning/removing mechanism and specific solvent which depends on the type of stream being used.

Floor mounted units are easy to use and are ideal for applications where a larger surface area needs to be covered. The solvents used in these sprayers are extremely hot and they are unaffected by water, oils and grease. These types of solvents are perfect for use on wood floors. There is usually a nozzle on the unit that allows the cleaning agent to be released quickly into the air. These types of sprayers are capable of removing almost all contaminants from hardwood floors.

Portable solvent sprayers are designed to be used on a small surface area and are ideal for cleaning automobiles and boats. This type of sprayer requires a pressurized wand and pressurized air. A powerful vacuum ensures that all water and solvent are removed from the surface. These units are ideal for cleaning boats, automobiles, electronics, and other delicate items.

Many of the solvent sprayers sold today come with warranties that cover labor and parts replacement if the product is defective. It is important to follow the instructions included with the solvent sprayer to ensure proper maintenance and care. Some manufacturers recommend replacing the sprayer with a new one every three years as this will ensure better performance. These devices are a convenient way to clear most surfaces and are safe to use.

Some users may find that a rotary-spraying tool is more effective than a wand. These sprays operate by spraying the solution into a pad that rotates back and forth over the surface being cleaned. As the liquid is propelled into the air, it is carried away by tiny bubbles. These bubbles neutralize the dirt, grease, and grime particles in the water before they enter the air. This process leaves the floor looking like new.

One feature that is important to look for when purchasing a solvent sprayer is how easy it is to operate. Choose a machine that is easy to operate. If it is difficult to control the stream of the solvent, you may not want to use it. Another consideration is how long the stream lasts. You don’t want to spend your precious time trying to clean a dirty surface when you could be using that time to perform another task. Consider how much cleaning you usually do to determine the length of time that is required.

Once you have chosen the right solvent sprayer, read all of the instructions carefully before you start spraying. Most products provide instructions on how to properly operate the equipment. Check to ensure that it is filling the containers as they are supposed to before you put anything in them. Always follow the directions to ensure your cleaning success.