Electrostatic Spray Gun Price

The Electrostatic Spray gun market is a dynamic market in which products, services and prices to compete for consumer attention. The Electrostatic Gun market includes many products and services in the categories of spraying guns, electrostatic sensitive devices and spray guns. The market also includes many related marketing tools such as spray gun brochures and literature, catalogs, price lists and web sites. The market research shows that the demand for electrostatic sensitive devices is increasing at a rapid pace. The global market research on electrostatic guns shows a drastic increase in sales during the second half of 2021 and the number of sales is expected to grow continuously in the coming years.

electrostatic spray gun price

The electrostatic disinfection industry has been growing by leaps and bounds over the past twenty years. This particular product was initially used for the treatment of electrical insulators. However, with the advancement in technology, it is used widely for a wide range of electrostatic sensitive materials and applications. The electrostatic disinfection is achieved by passing an alternating current through an area where there is a high degree of charged conductivity. The high voltage of the AC generates a positive charge in the metallic object and this removes the accumulated charged particles.

Most electrostatic spray guns are designed with either a hot or cold sprayer tip. The sprayer tip may be made of different materials including steel, brass, stainless steel, copper, pewter, aluminum, tin, zinc and nickel alloys. The coating of electrostatic sensitive metal products is necessary to provide long lasting protection against electrostatic discharges. Some of the most common coatings include liquid rubber, electroplating, electrostatic powder coating, electrostatic paint coating and electrostatic spray coating. Some of these coatings are water based and some are oil based.

Powder coating systems are usually a combination of a sprayer and a compressor. The compressed air is blown through the coating system and the particles are collected as they settle. The air driven reciprocating pump then applies the coating system through a variety of pumping systems. This process provides a continuous flow of aerosol and produces high surface tension. Powder coating systems require a minimum number of cycles and high temperatures to apply the coating.

Electrostatic disinfection systems use an electrostatic discharge sprayer that uses static charge to draw dirt and grease off of metallic surfaces. High frequency sound waves produced by a computerized system are the source of these sound waves. These sound waves are also emitted by the electrostatic discharge sprayer. The high frequency sound waves cause the charged particles to be attracted to the surface being cleaned and thus drawn into the spray nozzle.

Electrostatic disinfectants are used primarily on hard surfaces like granite, ceramic tile, stainless steel and copper. They can also be used on plastic and some types of wood. The smallest unit comes in a five gallon bucket with a larger unit taking a twenty gallon bucket. Price for a fifty gallon drum of this type of disinfectant sprayer is about one hundred dollars.

One important consideration when using electrostatic cleaner is selecting the correct droplet size. The correct droplet size is a factor in how quickly a cleaning agent is released. Droplets come in different sizes and will affect the speed of spray distribution. A higher Droplet Size (dubbler) will allow more cleaning agent to be released per square inch. Higher Dump volumes will produce a faster rate of drying.

Electrostatic powder coatings are used on a wide variety of metal products. These coatings provide protection against abrasion, rusting and corrosion. They are popular for use on bathtubs, showers, cookware and other metal products that require friction and abrasion resistance. Paints, varnishes and sealants also benefit from electrostatic properties as they do not attract dust or grime like the liquid variety would. Prices range in price from several hundred dollars to more than five thousand dollars.