Efficient Electrostatic Fogger

Many industrial environments require the use of an electrostatic fogger to safely remove and control industrial chemicals and liquids. The fogger works by applying a strong electric field to electrostatic charges that are present in the air. This field then causes the charged particles to cling to one another forming a protective shield against airborne pollutants.

electrostatic fogger

This powerful eco-friendly fogging agent is highly effective in removing dirt, grease, and airborne contaminants. The most common applications for the electrostatic disinfectant fogger range from cleaning up spills to sterilizing or drying equipment parts. The best products use a patented rechargeable dry foam formula with a high vapor compression ratio to produce exceptional results. Ideal for heavy-duty decontamination applications, the Hurricane ES Electrostatic Fogger uses proven electrostatic technology to quickly charge every droplet to deliver effective, even application of custom-formulated solutions used in the most demanding industrial conditions.

In addition to cleaning spills and preventing solid particulates from falling into equipment, this powerful disinfectant can be used as a secondary cleaning agent in many applications. For example, it can be added during the final rinse and drying process to reduce offensive odor and prevent corrosion. A dry foam cleaner is added around electronics and other sensitive surfaces to prevent damage caused by moisture. It can also be added to a dehumidifier to draw excess moisture away from the interior of the machine or appliance to prevent pipes and gears from becoming clogged.

Like the dry foam solution used in electrostatic cleaning applications, e-spray folders can be added during the final rinse before the equipment is packed for shipping. The foam will eliminate airborne contaminants while providing exceptional resistance to ultraviolet light. The electronic components will remain protected from debris, rust and airborne bacteria. This convenient option for electrostatic fogging has been tested in thousands of environments and remains one of the industry standards.

Electrostatic foggers come in many different sizes, shapes and colors. Some of the most popular brands include Brush Eagle, Electrostatics Inc., K&N Filtration System, Tektronix Electrostatic Air Cleaner and Kenmore. These manufacturers provide extensive services to ensure that your electrostatic cleaners are designed and built to meet your specific needs and requirements. Electrostatic disinfectants do not react with any liquid or other substance. Therefore they are safe to use around plants and animals.

The most important feature of the e-spray electrostatic cleaner is its ability to perform odorless, colossal and 360-degree coverage. The e-spray fogger comes equipped with a replaceable or built-in microfiber filter, which effectively filters out all odors and chemicals. An odor remover is also included in the purchase of these products. You can use the microfiber filter for odor removal and the filter for colossal if you prefer. The 360-degree coverage ensures that the fogger will cover an area the size of a standard room, while offering the ability to fog any part of the room.

Many consumers are concerned with the odor factor of the e-spray fogger. If this is something that bothers you and your family, there are options available for odor removal. You can easily purchase a simple odorless cleaning spray that is safe to use in your home. It is designed specifically for electrostatic disinfecting and is safe to use with any non-electricized power supply. This versatile disinfecting solution is available in a variety of sizes and styles and guarantees to leave your premises smelling fresh and clean.

Another common question revolves around whether or not it is appropriate to use this solution used for electrostatic fogging outside. The answer to this question is that it is perfectly safe to use outside, although precautions should be taken to avoid direct exposure to electricity. It is also important to note that this folder will not kill plants or pets in the area. The water vapor produced during electrostatic fogging is simply converted into vaporized droplets that can easily seep through many barriers.