Choosing the Right Disinfectant Sprayer for Your Cleaning Service

Disinfectant sprayers are very effective in terms of cleaning up the different messes that have been happening around the house. These can be used both indoors and outdoors, where the threat of infection is very high. There are two types of disinfectant sprayers available in the market namely electrostatic sprayers and mechanical sprayers. Electrostatic sprayers are those that do not need any heating or cooling and are just plugged in. In fact, you can use it even when there is no electricity in place because as long as there is a power source, the electrostatic sprayer works well.

The only disadvantage of using these is that it takes some time before the cleaning process becomes complete. However, if you have a really filthy carpet, it may take some time to get rid of all the bacteria especially if there are many people involved in the cleaning operation. It is also recommended that you do not use folders inside a home because it could spread viruses easily. For best results, use disinfectant sprayers instead.

It is also advised that you use disinfectant sprayers in large areas since it is the most ideal solution for the job. If you want to clean up large areas inside your home and there is no central air conditioning system to provide clean air to the larger areas, a good solution would be to install a disinfectant fogger. This device will give you clean air to all the rooms where there is no air conditioning. It is quite easy to install and use and there is no requirement for cooling or heating. All you need to do is plug it in and it will provide the right amount of germ-free air into all rooms of your home.

Most of these airless spraying devices are very portable and compact. You can easily pack them into the trunk of your car and bring it along when you go on vacation. They can be quite useful during camping trips, picnics and other outdoor activities. When it comes to convenience and portability, disinfectant sprayers are far better than conventional air cleaning applications because they will not require you to manually switch from one room to another.

The next feature that makes these sprayers superior from those of a conventional air cleaner is the fact that these sprayers have an automatic shut off function. With conventional units, you have to switch it on and off based on how many square feet of surfaces you wish to disinfect. This is not necessary with battery operated sprayers. These devices will automatically shut down once the required number of minutes has been passed. Furthermore, battery operated sprayers are more convenient to use because they are small and very portable.

You should also consider the number of nozzle selections available with disinfectant sprayers. You can select a single nozzle or you can use two or more in order to disinfect a larger area. This is a great advantage especially for disinfecting large areas including a building or a space of several floors. Electrostatic cleaning devices use a positive charge to electrostatically disassemble surface materials such as tile, grout, hardwood, linoleum and carpet. These devices operate by creating a positive charge on dirt, grease, dust and debris on the surfaces being cleaned.

Disinfectant sprayers that are powered by static electricity utilize this same concept but are a lot stronger than conventional electrostatic cleaning solutions. Positively charged particles that will adhere to a positively charged surface are generated and then are directed to the cleaning solution. These particles are then carried away by the air currents created by the vacuum machine. Conventional electrostatic cleaning solutions generate negatively charged particles that will attach themselves to the dirt, grime and dust on the surfaces they are used on. The only difference is that the charged particles generated by the former are not airborne and they are not carried away with the air currents.

These new innovative products are definitely an excellent alternative to conventional cleaning solutions and they can be applied on a wide variety of surfaces without making a mess. These cleaning devices can be used in both residential and commercial areas. They are very easy to use and require no special training for their use. As you can see, using electrostatic cleaning sprayers are very beneficial and they are a good choice for any cleaning service.