Choosing an Easy Application Sprayer Can Improve Your Garden’s Appearance

Portable sprayers are a convenient and affordable way to get your patio or garden covered. Whether you are covering an outdoor area, the lawn or an indoor area, you want your investment to work as good as it did the day you purchased it. Following the simple steps in this article will help you make the most of your portable sprayer.

portable sprayer

Your portable sprayer will typically come with a basic tank and hose. Inspect both the hose and tank for signs of damage and wear. Test the spraying ability of the hose at a predetermined distance in a controlled area to see coverage level. Follow these guidelines when operating a portable sprayer on your lowest end: Follow all directions on the instructions on the label for applying and mixing chemicals. Do not apply too much paint at once or you risk a water line break. Always start spraying from the bottom of a can and follow the directions.

Your portable sprayer will require an electrical power source. Most require batteries but you may want to consider buying rechargeable battery packs. Keep the battery in an accessible location and check its charging cycle once a month. A battery that is overcharged or undercharged may not deliver sufficient juice to your device and result in a wasted effort. If you use an electric powered portable tank, remove the power cord when you are finished using the product and plug the unit into an electrical outlet.

Maintaining your portable sprayers is easy and inexpensive. Use a rubber or silicon rubberized buffer or brush to remove any loose paint or dirt from the walls and grounds, and rinse with water. Ensure that your chemical mix is properly mixed by adding a small amount of paint at a time and blending it thoroughly with a blow dryer. Do not fill the container or sprayer with water, as the container will become too saturated and the contents may leak out. Lastly, you may want to apply some form of protective equipment to keep yourself safe from the fumes and residue left behind by your mixtures.

Once you have refilled your container, you are ready to start spraying. Start by spraying the entire area to be covered by your portable sprayer, being careful to stay a few inches away from the sides of the tank so that you do not accidentally spray yourself with the mist. Apply the paint in smooth, even strokes and allow the paint to dry for at least five minutes before filling the container again with your chemical mix. Be sure to always wear protective gear such as gloves and goggles. Also, refill your container with fresh paint and allow to dry between coats.

The reservoir in your portable sprayer is the place where you store the chemical solution, either in the spray bottle or a reusable container. When using a reusable container, make sure to always put the cap back on the container prior to use. This will ensure that the chemical remains a liquid when you are ready to use it. You can fill your portable sprayer tank with any type of liquid that has a low freezing point, although it is typically recommended that you use the same type of liquid you would if you were using a standard spray tank.

There are several features that make the rechargeable portable sprayer system an easy application option. One feature is the ion exchange system that provides a constant flow of electrolytes that gives you complete electrolyte coverage, even when the air temperature is lower than the ambient temperature outside your home. Another convenient feature is the hose adaptor that allows you to attach your hose directly to your existing water line, eliminating the need for a hose.

Pump sprayers can provide you with a more powerful spraying experience as well as longer lasting battery life. Pump sprayers are available in two styles, those that plug into an electric outlet and those that use an air compression system. Air compression portable sprayer systems are generally more powerful and long lasting than their electric counterparts, although they tend to require more maintenance. Make sure you follow the directions on your pump sprayer to ensure an effective spraying experience.