A Guide to Electrostatic Shopper Rental

With the surge in the popularity of green cleaning solutions, the demand for electrostatic sprayer rental has grown tremendously. This equipment is used by contractors and companies to quickly and efficiently clean damp, grimy areas indoors and out. Whether you are a homeowner with a large amount of built-up dirt or an employer who needs to keep his workplace clean and free of debris, hiring a portable electrostatic cleaning machine can be an excellent option. The following are five ways that renting this product can benefit you:

electrostatic sprayer rental

Reduce the Cost of Dirty Debris Cleaning: Hiring a portable vacuum cleaner can help you reduce the amount of dirt that ends up in your garbage cans and bathroom sinks. Not only does this help keep you from throwing away food leftovers or leftover drinks that are not cleaned properly, but it can also help you save money on household cleaners and other items. If you choose to have your cleaning machines deliver, you can eliminate a lot of trips to your local grocery store. Electrostatic cleaning machines are small enough to fit into tight spots around the house so that you can focus on more important areas. You can even rent units that are powerful enough to clean hard floors and walls. As you may have guessed, this type of cleaning can be used for carpets and wooden furniture.

Maintain Health and Safety: While the ability to clean wet areas in a pinch is definitely a plus, you can also use these tools to ensure that your home remains clean and safe. When used on dry carpeting, they will help remove dust, hair and dander from the surface. With the use of a portable electrostatic sprayer rental, you can sanitize water pipes, faucets and sinks. They can also sanitize electrical outlets and other sensitive equipment. In addition to this, the static electricity produced by these cleaning devices can help prevent the growth of mold and mildew.

Keep Vacuum Cleaned: You don’t want to suffer through a long drawn out process when it comes time to clean your home or even your office. This is especially true when it comes to keeping your carpets fresh and looking great. With an electrostatic vacuum cleaner rental, you can get your carpets and rugs professionally cleaned without suffering through a painful cleaning session. All you have to do is fill the cleaner with water and then attach it to a machine that works to agitate the water through the dirt and debris embedded in your carpet fibers. It will then pull the dirt and grime out of your carpets, leaving them clean and wrinkle free.

Air Drying: Using an air drying device can help reduce the amount of time it takes for steam dried items to become completely dry. Because of this, the overall time frame for a quality cleaned item to be air dried has been reduced. Portable vacuums are particularly useful in this situation because they do not use a lot of power. A hand held vacuum can be used instead of a power-driven unit. Portable steamers are very portable and can be moved from room to room while at the same time drying your items. The sprayer can be used in a stationary position to dry your items on a large surface or can be used as an airbrush spraying system.

Professional Cleaning: It is nice to have your carpets professionally cleaned on a regular basis but you can run into the problem of having an airless cleaning product on hand. An electrostatic sprayer comes in handy in situations where you need a professional cleaner and don’t have access to a professional cleaner. These units are very easy to operate and even when the static charge is released, these units can still deliver a powerful vacuum deep down into the carpet or onto the hard floors. They also work to quickly dry any wet spots that may have developed after the cleaning process. Because these units are so easy to operate, many people prefer to use them for all of their cleaning needs.

Electrostatic Filters: This type of electrostatic sprayer is used to clean with extreme precision and remove dirt, debris, grease, and allergens that might be present in carpets, rugs, and furniture. These types of filters are also used in high end air conditioning systems and are often found on boats. These filters are typically very sensitive to moisture, so they must be frequently replaced to keep the unit functioning properly. The filters must be replaced periodically and will typically cost quite a bit of money. It is wise to carefully consider this option before you rent this type of equipment from a rental company.

In summary, an electrostatic sprayer can be a useful tool to have in your home or business. Because of their easy to operate characteristics, they are typically rented on a monthly basis. It is important to carefully research and select a company that offers this type of equipment before making your selection. By doing so, you can ensure that the equipment you select will meet all of your requirements and provide you with excellent service for years to come.