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The 8 Best Pressure Washers Of 2020

When it comes to removing caked on oils, greases, and proteins, hot water pressure washers offer a distinct advantage in terms of time, results, and environmental impact. Hot water pressure washers raise the water temperature from about 53°F to as high as 311°F. This allows the working pressure, cleaning time, and consumption of detergent to be greatly reduced.

A general rule is that high PSI pressure washers are better suited for removing oils and caked on materials, while high GPM pressure washers are ideal for removing soil and dirt. Thus, GPM is usually more important to contractors than PSI, as most use cleaning chemicals to do all of the cleaning/lifting of dirt. To clean effectively, a pressure washer produces a “stripping” action to remove dirt and grime. Think of the pressure as the stripping force that is applied to the surface you are cleaning and the flow as the rinsing power.

All the electric models we’ve reviewed have performed well in various tests, so take a few minutes to browse our reviews and buying guide. We’ll tell you what to look for so you get the best bang for your buck. A. The most powerful pressure washers – with the highest psi and CU ratings ⸺ don’t necessarily give better results, but they do give faster results. An 8,000 psi pressure washer can usually achieve the same results as a 16,000 psi pressure washer, but it will take roughly twice as long to do so. Electric pressure washers start around $75 and can cost up to $250.

Additionally, there are a variety of other pressure washer attachments, such as brushes and surface cleaners that can help you tackle specific jobs. There are several features that impact a pressure washer’s portability. First, the weight of the machine will dictate how easy it is to transport. Further, some models have wheels that make them easier to move from location to location. Electric power washers are easier to maintain—no oil changes necessary—but the downside is you have to be in close proximity to an electrical outlet.

Designed and engineered specifically for pressure washers, the Legacy GX series pump uses quality metals, O-rings, and bolts to withstand the rigors of real-world power washing. Cold-water pressure washers are designed to only be used with cold water. If the wood is badly darkened or stained with mildew, washing with a deck-cleaning solution that includes sodium hydroxide can help brighten it. Look for a product designed for brightening deck wood and for use in a pressure washer, and make sure your pressure washer allows for the intake of cleaning solutions.

Pressure washers give you the power you need to remove stubborn dirt and grime. From gas-powered pressure washers to the accessories you need to achieve a deep clean, Sam’s Club® makes it simple to remove stains from siding, decks, concrete and other surfaces.

It’s especially good for use before extended storage and before first startup the next season. Most pressure washers come with interchangeable nozzles that allow varying widths of water streams. The SLP2050 is relatively lightweight at only 36 lbs and includes a 35-foot cable, a 25-foot soft, flexible hose, a 28oz detergent tank, and five nozzles for a variety of cleaning jobs. It is also backed and protected by a 2-year limited warranty and lifetime customer service.

Customers love the cleaning capability of the SPX3500, and marvel at just how well it handles light-to-medium cleaning jobs. The ease-of-assembly paired with the device’s overall compact form are nice perks, and while it is heavier than previous models, it is still easy to maneuver and store. Whether you need to clean decks, patios, walkways, cars or farm equipment, you want a machine that will clean effectively.

One of the most highly rated electric models today is the Sun Joe Electric Pressure Washer, which delivers 2,030 PSI at 1.76 GPM. This affordable unit is equipped with dual detergent tanks, and it comes with five quick-connect spray tips to help you tackle all sorts of cleaning tasks. The Ryobi 3000 PSI Honda Pressure Washer is another top-rated model that’s worth considering. With its Honda GCV160 gasoline engine, this pressure washer delivers 3,000 PSI of force that will make quick work of dirt, mold, and grime on driveways, fences, cars, and other surfaces. It uses 2.3 GPM, and its 35-foot non-marring hose provides a long reach for those tough-to-reach areas.

There is a nozzle on each end of this spinning bar, and the force of the pressurized water is what causes this bar to rotate. The nozzles aren’t pointed directly at the ground; they are placed at an angle for maximum cleaning performance across a wider area. When this bar spins, it distributes the pressure across a large area compared to a regular nozzle. If you’re cleaning garages, driveways, or decks, a surface cleaner attachment can reduce your cleaning times by 50 percent or more. Its four quick-change tips include a 25-degree nozzle tip, a rotary turbo nozzle, low-pressure spray soap nozzle, and a 28-ounce detergent reservoir for your car wash soap.

On a belt driven unit, the high-pressure pump spins at a lower RPM, reducing the heat and vibration. This results in minimal wear and tear on the internal parts of the pump and leads to longer life.

The CU or cleaning units is a number determined by multiplying the PSI of a pressure washer by the GPM. The number indicates the overall cleaning power of any given pressure washer. Belt drives are most commonly found on commercial/industrial style pressure washers. A belt driven pump is ideal for cleaning applications that require more than 20+ hours per week.

With a hose reel, compartments for the nozzles, and wheels, it should be easy to pack up and store. There are pressure washers specifically designed for use with hot water or those that heat the water for you post-pump. Try a pump protector lubricant after each use, like this one from Briggs & Stratton. Leftover water in the unit can seize up the pump’s internal gaskets. You screw the plastic threads on the lubricant bottle into the threaded garden hose inlet on the pressure washer and squeeze the trigger on the bottle.

Pressure is simply force exerted per unit area, so the smaller you make an area the more force you’re applying on it. By changing out nozzles, you can increase or decrease the area of impact. A wider nozzle will release a larger “fan” of water, covering more area but with reduced force. A tiny opening means you get a concentrated jet of water which isn’t very good for rinsing and general cleaning, but can be used to strip away caked mud or oil stains.

General maintenance work can be very tiresome if you aren’t used to gas powered tools before. The surface cleaner attachment consists of a rotating nozzle bar placed inside a cylindrical housing.

Our power pressure washers range from 2,000 to 5,000 psi, offer hot or cold water output, and can be stand-alone wheeled units or mounted to a trailer. PSI or pounds per square inch denotes the amount of pressure being exerted by the water as it exits through the 0° red colored nozzle.