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How Should I Store My Electrostatic Sprayer?

When saving the sprayer for prolonged durations of time (more than 2 weeks) the complying with procedure is suggested to guarantee the best performance out of your sprayer. Shop the battery in a temperature level regulated environment. When storing for a long duration of time, check every 3 months to see if the battery life… Read More »

Time and Cost Savings

For those that want to enhance their disinfection procedures with traditional devices, it often ends up being a trade-off between an efficient method and also a rapid procedure. These sprayers eliminate this difficult compromise in between efficient sanitation and also fast-moving procedures. There’s also additional analytical evidence that electrostatic sprayers are a much faster choice… Read More »

Electrostatic Spray Coating

Electrostatic Spray Coating Electrostatic spray coating is used in a wide variety of applications to create a barrier or to retard the movement of electrically charged particles. The coating is created with the aid of an electrostatic charge that acts upon the charged particles. The particles are then slowed down or deflected. The deflected particles… Read More »

Electrostatic Spray Nozzle Illustrations and Concepts

Electrostatic Spray Nozzle Illustrations and Concepts The electrostatic spray nozzle is one of several new innovations in industrial coatings. The invention relates to electrostatic spray systems and especially to a single system of this kind with a novel electrostatic spray nozzle that functions at relatively low charge levels, gives a fine stream of fine particles… Read More »

Tips For Using Your Cricut XP Sprayer Properly

Tips For Using Your Cricut XP Sprayer Properly So you bought yourself a new spray tiller, or you are planning on buying one. What do you think you should look for? In this article we will explore the different features and benefits of the sprayer to help you make a more informed decision. First off… Read More »