Disinfectant Sprayers – Choosing the Right Type For the Job

Disinfectant sprayers, also called biocides and germicidal sprays, are devices that kill micro-organisms and clean up messes in a commercial or residential setting. These devices are a combination of an electrostatic charge and a bactericidal or antifungal agent. They can be activated either by physical shock, chemical shock, or electronic impulse. They contain agents that… Read More »

Best Backpack Sprayer For Professional Landscapers

Best Backpack Sprayer For Professional Landscapers What do you think are the best backpack sprayer attachments for your camping experience? Do you know that there is really a wide array of these types of accessories for your backpack sprayer? Backpack sprayers come in various sizes and shapes. And each one of them has its own… Read More »

3 Disinfection Mistakes to Avoid

To kill the microorganisms and viruses you’re targeting, your picked disinfectant needs to rest on the splashed surface for the quantity of time specified on the anti-bacterial’s label or security data sheet prior to it is dried or cleaned away. Because opposites attract, our electrostatic sprayers give disinfectants a positive cost so that they seek… Read More »


You’ve probably listened to names like electrostatic sprayer, fogger and also automated sprayer drifting around rather a little bit in combination with disinfection. One of the major differences in between an electrostatic sprayer and a fogger is fragment size. According to the EPA, a conventional (or non-electrostatic) sprayer that generates bits between 15 and also… Read More »

Choosing a Static Spray Gun

The static spray gun is a wonderful tool to have in any arsenal. It can quickly and easily spray hundreds of pellets in a short amount of time, providing a great source of cover for your favorite hunting spot. A good gun should be easy to use, with controls that are intuitive to use and… Read More »

A Guide to Purchasing an Electrostatic Charging Machine

When it comes to electrostatic sensitive equipment, electrostatic discharges cannot be passed by electricity. That is why most electrostatic coating machines have been built to include a special coating that helps the passage of electricity. This special coating is actually a very fine film that can repel and deflect electrostatic discharges, thus making it safer… Read More »

Electrostatic Coating Services

In the electrical world, electrostatic coating is a kind of insulating material. It is mostly used for protecting electrical circuits and equipment against electrostatic discharges (discharges that produce static charge). This is also used as a means of protecting the circuit components from any harm that may be caused to them. Electrostatic discharges are dangerous… Read More »

Understanding Electrostatic Spray System

Electrostatic spray guns are the most common form of electrostatic protection for industrial and electrical equipment. These systems are used to protect expensive electronic equipment, such as computers, from damage that can be caused by static electricity. The type of protection provided is dependent on the equipment’s application. Here we will discuss some of the… Read More »